Five 4ths of July:

What’s the Story?

     July 4, 1777. ’78. ’79. ’80. ’81. Five Fourths of July. Five pivotal days in the life of Jake Mallery, a teenager on the Connecticut coastline.

     The Revolution is under way, and Jake is desperate for freedom ... from the tyranny of his strict father, that is. Jake has a reputation for being wild – his nickname, “Mal,” is French for “bad.” He has no interest in fighting for liberty from England; to him, the pursuit of happiness means seeking adventure (and fortune) on a privateer ship. But his father says he must stay home and join the local militia, so that he can help defend their town if it is attacked by the British. Jake knows that’ll never happen. He’s destined to a dull life of chores, militia drills, occasional time with friends – and verbal sparring with the insufferable Hannah,  indentured servant of his best friend Tim’s family.

   But on July 4, 1779, Jake’s world is turned upside down. The British are coming, and the brutal Battle of New Haven is about to take place.  The horrific events of that day – and the two years to follow – will change Jake’s outlook, and life, forever.

Forgotten heroes of the Revolution: The prison ship martyrs.FFJ_Prison_ships.html
Benedict Arnold, hero turned traitor.FFJ_Benedict_Arnold.html
Some of the places in “Five 4ths,” as they look today. FFJ_New_Haven.html
Where’s Wooster? FFJ_Wooster.html

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