Nick Taglio’s been playing hockey since he was five years old. Youth league, travel teams, hockey camp, varsity… skating is all Nick knows, all he cares about.

    At 16, Nick is a hard-charging center with a reputation for racking up goals – and penalties. But he’s also racked up a few concussions, and his latest comes with a diagnosis: mild traumatic brain injury, with postconcussion syndrome. Despite Nick’s protests, his neurologist and his parents make him quit hockey.

    Now Nick does all his fighting off the ice. He fights with his girlfriend, his best friend, his doctor, his parents, his brother. Suffering from headaches, dizziness, and confusion, he falls far behind in his schoolwork. Anger and depression threaten to overwhelm him.

    How can Nick regain control of his life?


Open Ice:

What’s the Story?

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 Athletes and head injury: Some info and resourcesIce_MTBI.html

Rated TV14: Strong coarse language, sexual situations and suggestive dialogue.

 “Why would you put a parental rating on your own book?” Ice_rating.html